Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Mornings

'Yahoo I get to sleep in I thought to myself as I rolled over into the face of my eager six year old.  "Mama when are you getting up?" "you've got to be kidding.  On school days I have to drag him from the bed.  Glancing at the clocks bright red numbers I read 6:30.  "It a little while."  "Why?" "Because it is saturday."  I hear his little feet pound from the room and the tv come on.  I roll over begging sleep to return to my aching body. 

At 8:00 my feet hit the floor leading me to the kitchen for some coffee and cinnamon rolls, the saturday morning special.  Both boys are lounging on the couch watching Pokemon, "I am hungry."  "Son you are always hungry, I just woke up give me a minute." 'Coffee I must have coffee!'    Aubie, my adoring orange and white cat, flops down in front of me.  "Good morning fur ball did you have a good time lastnight eating my birds.  You do know they can see you don't you!"  He just flicked his tail casually as if he already knew but had a plan.  I grabbed the coffe carafe  and poured out yesterdays coffee refilling it with fresh clean water.  Then I grabed the 'thingy' that holds the coffee grounds and dumped it in the garbage.  I have no idea what that part is called.  I refilled the' thingy' with fresh New Orleans chickory coffee the blackest and strongest around.  The smell was strong and inviting.  I slid the 'thingy'  back into place and poured the fresh water into the coffeemaker. Then smiled as I listened to the fresh coffee streaming into the carafe, inhaling the welcoming smell. 

Cinnamon rolls are much easier, they arethe wompum kind.  I unwrapped the outer protective layer being sure not to tear the box tops, broke them apart and placed them on a well oiled pan.  Close together because I always liked the one in the middle, it is soft on the outside.  I make them so I get to choose which one I want to eat.  The oven was is set to 350 then the pan is slid into the warming oven. 
The coffeemaker is through with make my morning energy juice so I grab me a mug from the hook on on the wall, tear open two packs of Truvia and pour a tablespoon of creamer into the waiting cup.  Now for the morning gold,  the strong smell awakens my senses.  Aaahhh, I will survive!  Taking a long sip of the creamy dark liquid I thank the Lord for another wonderfully beautiful day.  "Mommy are the cinnamon rolls ready yet?"  "They will be in just a minute, be patient sweet heart."  Oh how I love saturday mornings!:)