Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Walk By

We have experienced a senseless murder here at our house. It was a walk by out at the kennel. Ping (the local chicken) was passing by Hanks (the suspect) room when he was unsuspectingly grabbed.
 Hank allegedly made it very quick, Ping did not suffer. The murder was not noticed until around 8:00 am after Robin returned from taking Brodie to school. Hank was caught in the process of eating a chicken breakfast.
He is still denying the charges. According to the locals, a Mr. Frederick who lives next door. Hank talked Ping into coming closer to his room by telling her he liked chickens and thought of them as friends. This has been backed up by Fern, she was actually Pings friend.
Brodie cried when he was told of the murder and Brach went to get his gun to shoot Hank.
 As of now Hank is on probation and the boys have agreed that there is no reason to shoot or tar and feather him. Chickens are dumb and Ping was gullible to believe Hank. They now want a cat.
Hank says that he likes cats and likes to be their friend as well. He still denies the charges of Pings murder, even though he was caught in the act with feathers all over his room.
He claims he was framed by both Frederick and Fern.