Wednesday, December 8, 2010

River Bottom Rescue

“Whatever you do, do not move.”’ I wasn’t sure if the voice was mixed with the ringing in my ears or if it was part of the marching band pounding in my head. It did not matter any way, every inch of my body was screaming in pain. I had no intention of moving.

“Ah, I see the little lass is finally awake.” A coarse hand grabbed my bruised chin and jerked my face up. A nauseating smell hit me taking what little breath I held in my lungs away. The smell reminded me of rotting flesh combined with sour mash and sweat of someone who had not had a bath in about a year. I tried to focus my eyes a little so I could at least get a good look at what held such a smell, but my eyes were so swollen that to open them was impossible.

“Don’t move.” My brain was on over drive with pain, whoever was telling me not to move had no idea that I couldn’t if I had too. (This was not a good thing because the smelly beast of a man had intentions that were not of the godly sort.)

What bothered me more was how was someone speaking through my thoughts, my twin sister and brother could only do that and the voice was not even close to theirs?

"If you move you will may be hurt." I winced when the voice boomed in my head again.  This unfortunately only excited the beastly man sending his meaty claw into my already bruised temple.

“Did that hurt lassie?” His mad laugh sent my tender skin crawling with fear.I was not sure who I wanted  to inflict pain on more at the moment.  The voice in my head or the beast pounding on it.

“We saved you for last my sweet. Give me a kiss.” Before I had a chance to respond  he
grabbed the back of my head and began stretching my face toward his.

“Now Red, Fallon said this one was for him. You don’t want to go making him mad now ya hear. Red!”

He ignored his buddy and continued with me, “Wench I said give me a kiss!” My hands were tied behind my back and were stretched around the rough trunk of a longleaf pine. I couldn’t move if I had wanted too. The man was so wasted from the liquor that he staggered backwards almost stepping in the fire. This made him extremely angry. “I’ll teach you, you little wench!!” This time he charged me grabbing me by the shoulders, “stand up and kiss me.”

This time the voice in my head said, “Lean your head back.” I did as he said, I had nothing left to lose at the moment.

Sensing my resistance, Red, let out another of his horrible blood stirring laughs. “You are going to be fun, lassie.” I felt the breeze as his fist, flew by nose. “You stupid little wench, didn’t yer mama teach you how to please a man.”

A voice bellowed in my brain, “Don’t move.” Move! Didn’t who ever this was now I was unable to move?

“Little girl I will teach you how to treat a man properly.” This time when the fist came toward me I relaxed my head back against the tree trunk and braced for the blow that would knock me into tomorrow. Instead I heard a gurgling sound and a prominent thud followed by complete silence. The crickets had even stopped chirping. A peace poured over me then everything went black.