Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Disney Trip- the start of an adventure

The sun hadn't even awakened when we pulled out of our driveway. The kids were nestled in the back seat under several blankets and pillows.  The coffee was strong enough to put hair on your chest which helped in keeping my eyes open.  Yessterday, the boys and I had taken Aubie and Gator Bait to the Veterinary Clinic, otherwise known as 'Pet Prison'. That left our trusty older dog  Fern  at the house to fend of intruders and squirrels. I watched her in my rearview mirror as she stood on the porch like a sentry who has been given a command,  gurad the house.

Sleep had not come easily last night so the coffee mixed with adreniline gave me a rush. This was officially our families first trip. We had gone camping and to the beach but they were within an hour or two of home. This trip was a full days drive and did not include any other family members. I had been to Disney six times in my life but my husbands one time experience had not been as enjoyable as I had hoped. This trip, I vowed would be much better.  My boys were going to enjoy there first trip to the World of Disney.  I looked forward to introducing them to my old friend, the famous mouse and his infamous gang.